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Updated Collapsible Amazon

Just a quick heads up that I’ve uploaded a new version of Collapsible Amazon. It’s a Greasemonkey script that lets you collapse any section of the standard Amazon detail page. This update makes it work on a lot more sections - the only one it can’t collapse that I’ve found is the Customer Discussions section. Basically, wherever you see an orange header, you can click it and its content will disappear - and the script will remember that you want that type of section collapsed everywhere. Honestly, I’m no fan of Jane Austen - I was just looking for a screenshot! If you like this script, you should check out some of my other Greasemonkey scripts. read more



It seems these days that everyone has a blog (or two). There are big news blogs, little blogs with useful articles (such as the many C# blogs I read), the countless teenagers with MySpace or... read more

How to save power from your gaming devices

A few weeks ago I watched the Al Gore slideshow-in-a-theater “An Inconvenient Truth”. Al Gore parts aside, I thought it was very good, and while it didn’t tell me much I didn’t already know, it... read more

Passport changes screw up XBList 2.2

I’m still working on XBList 3.0 (though not as much as I’d like, between work and a social life). However, I noticed today that XBList won’t auto-signin to Passport anymore. Bummer. It has to do... read more

Status Update on XBList 3.0

So an update on how things are going with the next version of XBList. I’ve gotten a few questions about when I’ll support the new ability to do messaging between and Xbox 360, and... read more

Thinking about the next XBList

Well, the new Live update is out. It mostly introduces a Message Center for, where you can send and recieve messages just like on your Xbox. Of course, I’m already thinking about how... read more

Windows Vista leads me to the Mac


I’ve been meaning to write about my impressions of the various Windows Vista previews since I first tried it out in January. My thoughts (and my feedback to Microsoft’s beta site) have been piling up... read more

Apple Finally Speaks to Me with BootCamp

The big news out of Cupertino this morning is BootCamp. It’s Apple’s beta bootloader for Windows on their previously-closed Mac platform. Now you can dual-boot Mac OSX and Windows XP, complete with drivers for the... read more