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Dashboard and Sidebar Widgets on GitHub


I love GitHub, but for some reason I’ve been hesitant to put some of my older, smaller projects on there. In hopes of reversing that trend, I’ve moved all my surviving Sidebar and Dashboard widgets onto GitHub: TopProcess XboxLiveGamercardGadget XboxLiveGamercardWidget 360VoiceChallengeGadget I also discovered that Bungie has shut down all their old Halo stuff, so I’ve removed my Bungie Card gadget from my site. Windows Sidebar is officially dead at this point, and Dashboard doesn’t seem long for this world, so I’m unlikely to do anything with these myself, but they’re all open for pull requests, so hopefully if somebody’s still interested in them they can be improved. read more

Updates to Windows Sidebar Gadgets

I’ve made some minor updates to my Windows Sidebar Gadgets - the 360Voice.com Challenge gadget works again after 360Voice moved their API endpoints, TopProcess has gained a French translation and clearer text when used on... read more

Bungie Card Windows Sidebar Gadget


I suppose I’m a glutton for punishment. After writing my last two Windows Sidebar gadgets, I really meant to swear them off entirely. They’re really a pain to develop. But when my favorite video game... read more