Amazon Super Saver Snooper

I just release my newest Greasemonkey script: Amazon Super Saver Snooper. If you’re cheap like me, you always go for the free Super Saver shipping at (free shipping on orders over $25). It gets even better when you’ve got Amazon Prime (I got a 3-month free trial). And if you’re like me, you hate having to sift through the search results to find the items that are eligible for Super Saver. Well, that task has been alleviated by the power of Firefox and Greasemonkey. Just install my little script, and all the search results that are eligible for Prime / Super Saver will light up.

A screenshot of the script in action.
Another cool bit is that the script will update the prices shown in the search to the lowest price available from a Super Saver-eligible source. That way you don’t get suckered into looking at cheap items you’ll have to pay shipping on.

The script turned out to be pretty easy to write - it just calls the Amazon E-Commerce Web Service. I’m hoping to do some more cool stuff with that service in the future. If you’re into customizing Amazon don’t forget about my Collapsible Amazon script, too. And feel free to check out the rest of my scripts while you’re at it.

I'm Benjamin Hollis, a software developer in Seattle. Check out my website.