Website work

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately, partly because I went on a long vacation and partly because I’ve been too busy with real work to do anything much on at-home projects (at least, at-home code projects). Another reason is that I’ve been working on a couple websites that hadn’t launched until recently. The first project was a website for Butterfly Haptics, which is my parents’ new company. They’re producing a really cool magnetic levitation haptic interface - a sort of super-high-tech 3D mouse that lets you feel virtual objects as if they were solid. I’m really excited about what they’re building, and I’ll be at SIGGRAPH this year manning their booth in the New Tech Demos area.

Butterfly Haptics Screenshot

The other site, which just launched, is my wife’s new art site. She makes wood-fired ceramic sculptures of bizarre, cute creatures, and the new site was hand-drawn by her to reflect their style. It’s implemented as a Wordpress theme, which gives her a much easier way to manage the content of the site, and it also means that she can now blog about her process and other art topics. Check out some of the cool time-lapse videos of her sculpting the critters. Screenshot

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get back to building more cool things and talking about them, as well as clearing out my backlog of draft blog posts.

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