PNGGauntlet 2.0.2

I thought everything was going well with PNGGauntlet 2 until I got a comment reporting some problems with it at the beginning of the month. It’s taken me almost a month to get a chance to sit down and check out the problem (August is always really busy since people are usually visiting). When I started digging into the code, I realized that I hadn’t actually made some key changes to the code that I thought I had made, and as a consequence, a lot of PNGGauntlet didn’t actually work. For example, the whole PNGOUT Options panel wasn’t actually wired up to anything, and the “Open With” functionality I added in 2.0.1 didn’t actually call the right functions, and didn’t work either. Wow. This is what I get for not having tests set up for this code (it was written before I understood how to write tests). So it is with great humility that I submit to you PNGGauntlet 2.0.2, which I have quite a bit more confidence in. Hopefully most people were using just default settings (like I usually do) and weren’t bitten too bad by the problems in the earlier versions. As usual, you can check out the full list of fixes.

Interestingly, one of the two problems in the original comment that got me working on PNGGauntlet again wasn’t actually a PNGGauntlet or PNGOUT bug. It turns out that Photoshop, Gimp, and Paint Shop Pro all don’t support 8-bit PNGs that have an alpha channel. Who knew? I tend to use either Fireworks or Paint.NET, which both support 8-bit PNGs completely, so I never knew.

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