JSONView Updated to 0.1b3

Today I uploaded a new version of JSONView to addons.mozilla.org. I’m sticking with the wimpy version number for now, but I think JSONView has been proving itself out in the wild. One major bug was uncovered that caused JSON documents larger than 8KB to render incorrectly, and that’s fixed in this new version. I’ve also added three new translations of the extension (French, Dutch, and Czech) courtesy of the folks at BabelZilla.org - if you want to help out you can check out the available translations and add yours. Lastly, the extension is now compatible with Firefox 3.1b3. I’ve been trying to keep things tested on the beta browsers within a day or two of their release. If you have an older version of the extension you’ll need to go back to AMO and install it again - automatic updates won’t work until JSONView is out of the sandbox.

JSONView has gotten a bit of coverage on the blogs, too, which I’ve enjoyed. It made it onto the front page of Delicious and reddit programming, and Ars Technica wrote an article in their journals. Also, I was interviewed on OpenSource Release Feed, which was fun. I’m glad that people are getting to use the extension and find it helpful. Hopefully when it gets released from the sandbox it’ll get even broader exposure.

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