JSONView 0.2 adds support for opening local .json files

Just a quick update on JSONView - I’ve submitted version 0.2 to addons.mozilla.org. This new version doesn’t have a lot of changes, but it adds some new translations (Hungarian, Bulgarian, German, and some Turkish), and you can now open “.json” files saved on your computer, enabling offline JSON viewing. This new version is also compatible with the latest Firefox 3.5 betas.

Of course, the extension must be reviewed before this new version can be released from the sandbox, but if you want to try it out you can download version 0.2 from the sandbox. Hopefully it’ll be approved soon and will show up on the main extension listing. Please give it a look and rate and review the extension on addons.mozilla.org.

I’ll be out of the US on vacation until next month, but after that I intend to do some more work on the feature backlog for JSONView, as well some updates to other projects. Remember you can vote on features or file new ones at the Google Code issue tracker for JSONView.

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