XBList updated to 3.2.2 to deal with Xbox.com changes

I’ve just uploaded a new version of XBList that fixes it after the new Xbox.com site changed everything around. Oh, the joys of writing a screen-scraping app! There’s some good news though - the new Xbox.com design actually puts much more info on the friends page, so XBList needs to do a lot less work to get all its info, which means less resource usage and less network traffic.

I’ve still got a partial rewrite of XBList sitting on a back burner that should fix the intermittent crashes some people have been reporting, as well as drop the “sign in with Internet Explorer” requirement and generally make logging in more reliable. However, I’ve got a lot of other projects going, and XBList doesn’t crash for me, so it might be a while until it’s out. Until then, enjoy XBList 3.2.2 and the new Xbox.com!

Update: I was a bit too hasty, and 3.2.2 had a bug that prevented it from loading your Xbox Live messages. I’ve uploaded 3.2.3 that fixes that.

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