PNGGauntlet 2.1 with Windows 7 integration

Last week I pushed a new update to PNGGauntlet, version 2.1. It’s been almost two years since the last PNGGauntlet update, and 2.1 doesn’t bring a lot of new stuff - it’s mainly bug fixes and optimizations. But there are some cool new bits. My favorite is that PNGGauntlet now integrates with the Windows 7 taskbar to show compression progress on its taskbar icon.

It isn’t a huge feature, but it lets you keep an eye on a big compression job while you’re doing other things. PNGGauntlet is slightly prettier in other areas, too, especially the list of files, which is also now sortable.

The other neat thing is that PNGGauntlet now registers itself as a handler for compatible image files on install now. This means that you can right-click an image, go to “Open With…” and select PNGGauntlet, and it’ll open right up with your file ready to go.

Beyond that, a couple bugs have been fixed where you could get PNGGauntlet into a weird state or hang. Check out the full changelog for all the features and fixes.

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