XBList updated to 3.3.0 to cope with Xbox.com redesign

Xbox.com’s new redesign ahead of the Kinect-focused dashboard update landed on Wednesday, and predictably broke XBList. Since XBList just scrapes Xbox.com for its information, it’s very sensitive to this sort of thing, and this redesign is one of the biggest to happen to the site since I’ve been running XBList. Unfortunately I was out of the country, and only got back home last night - tonight was my first opportunity to survey the damage and see what I could do.

Fortunately, it was pretty easy to bring XBList back to life. Not nearly as easy as I’d like - I’ve been poking along on a really major update to XBList that’ll be launched as XBList 4 at some point which will make handling this sort of thing much cleaner. XBList 4 is far from release, though, and I haven’t been putting that much time into it relative to my other projects. Still, XBList 3.3 is at least functional again, with some notable exceptions. Since some things work differently enough that XBList will need more major modifications, I’ve had to turn off several features temporarily, probably until XBList 4 is released. Until then, XBList will no longer show messages waiting for you, or let you manage your friends list (add/remove/confirm) from the app. On a more permanent note, the new Xbox.com simply doesn’t expose as much information as before. This means that I’m no longer able to show when friends are joinable or away. I guess they didn’t think that information was interesting for the website, or maybe they’ll be removing it from the dashboard too - regardless, I can’t get at it anymore. Otherwise, I think I like the new Xbox.com design - it’s much cleaner and simpler, though the huge non-personalized avatars-having-fun banners on the top of a lot of pages is a real waste.

I hate to release a new version without fixing some stuff and adding a new feature, and XBList 3.3 is no exception. I’ve fixed the broken Halo emblem support and added support for Halo: Reach emblems and linking directly to the Reach service record. I’ve removed the Halo 2 stuff since Halo 2 can’t even be played online anymore. I also fixed XBList so it can run under .NET 4.0 which should make it easier to install. Anyway, grab XBList 3.3 and get back to stalking your gamer friends!

Note that I’m also going to be shutting down my forums soon - they’ve always been kinda lame, and I’ve decided I prefer to just get email.

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