JSONView 0.6

Last week I released JSONView 0.6 to addons.mozilla.org. This is mostly a bugfix release, but I honestly don’t want to change much about such a simple addon. With over 60,000 daily users at this point, I feel that updates should be infrequent and unobtrusive. I do plan for some big new features for JSONView 1.0, but for now I’m mostly keeping the extension working with newer Firefoxes and fixing bugs that affect existing features. That said, one big change since the last version is that the source code is now on GitHub. I’m hoping this makes it easier for other developers to contribute, so please send pull requests! I’ll probably move the issues list over to GitHub as well at some point, but for now they’re still over at Google Code.

JSONView 0.6 fixed a couple of bugs around formatting text, especially when odd Unicode characters were present. Where previously JSONView would stop showing content after those characters, it now shows the Unicode escape sequence. Also, when there’s an error parsing a JSON document, the original document is displayed with its formatting intact, rather than squashed into a single line.

However, the most important bugfix is that disabling JSONView from the Addons page will un-do the “Include ‘application/json’ in the HTTP Accept header for requests” option. This is especially important since some popular websites handle content negotiation poorly and break when that option is on. Netflix was one high-profile example, but they’ve fixed their site now. I explained why this happens in detail in the issue report, and I won’t be removing the option because of it, but at least disabling the addon will fix the issue (of course, just unchecking the option will fix it too). I’ve added a warning to the option as well, just in case. Honestly I don’t think most people should need to turn that on, which is why it’s off by default.

The last big change is sort of halfway between a feature and a bugfix - copying and pasting from JSONView’s output will produce valid JSON. This includes all the quotes that JSONView omits for readability, and doesn’t include the “+/-” symbols used for collapsing objects and arrays. Hopefully this makes it easier to copy and paste bits of JSON out of Firefox and into your code or data without having to rewrite it.

Please update JSONView (if it hasn’t updated automatically by now) or download it if you haven’t tried it yet, and check out the code on GitHub if you find any bugs or have a feature you want to see.

I'm Benjamin Hollis, a software developer in Seattle. Check out my website.