PNGGauntlet 3.1.2 - Bugfixes and forced PNG conversion

PNGGauntlet 3.1.2 is a minor update that resolves some bugs, and adds a much-requested option. First, the bugfixes - PNGGauntlet will now correctly add directories that have a ‘.’ in their name. Previously, it’d reject the whole directory, saying it was an unrecognized image extension. Now it works as expected. I’ve also tweaked the way PNGGauntlet handles temp files, so if you’ve been getting errors about not being able to write or delete temp files, this should address that.

The only new feature is an option labeled “Always convert files to PNG even if it would make them larger” in the Options dialog. PNGGauntlet has always single-mindedly gone for the smallest files it could, and this meant that when it converted from something like JPEG to PNG and the resulting file was larger, it’d just leave the JPEG and not write the PNG. After all, if a graphic was already smallest as a JPEG, then it should stay that way. However, I’ve had many people asking for PNGGauntlet to convert those files to PNG anyway. So the option is now there if you want it.

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