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Fallout 3 licensed soundtrack with Amazon MP3 links

I just finished Fallout 3 last night. Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I haven’t released anything new in a while. One of my favorite parts of the game was the old music they used. I loved the BioShock soundtrack too. Now that I’m done with the game and won’t be listening to Galaxy News Radio anymore, I figured I’d hunt down the individual songs on Amazon MP3 so I can listen to them while I’m playing other games (my favorite is when Halo or Chrono Trigger music plays over another game). As long as I’m doing that, I thought I’d post the links for everyone else, since I didn’t find a list with links to download the songs anywhere online. I got the list itself from Wikipedia’s Fallout 3 page. Unfortunately not all of the songs are available - hopefully they’ll show up in time.

  1. I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire” - The Ink Spots
  2. Way Back Home” - Bob Crosby & the Bobcats
  3. Butcher Pete (Part 1)” - Roy Brown
  4. Happy Times” (From the Danny Kaye film The Inspector General) - Bob Crosby & the Bobcats
  5. Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)” - Danny Kaye with The Andrews Sisters
  6. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall” - Ella Fitzgerald with The Ink Spots
  7. Anything Goes” - Cole Porter
  8. “Fox Boogie” - Gerhard Trede
  9. “I’m Tickled Pink” - Jack Shaindlin
  10. “Jazzy Interlude” - Billy Munn
  11. “Jolly Days” - Gerhard Trede
  12. “Let’s Go Sunning” - Jack Shaindlin
  13. A Wonderful Guy” - Tex Beneke
  14. “Rhythm for You” - Eddy Christiani & Frans Poptie
  15. “Swing Doors” - Allan Gray
  16. Maybe” (Intro song from the original Fallout) - The Ink Spots
  17. Mighty Mighty Man” - Roy Brown
  18. Crazy He Calls Me” - Billie Holiday
  19. Easy Living” - Billie Holiday
  20. “Boogie Man” - Sid Phillips

Update: Amazon added the right version of “Butcher Pete” and I’ve linked it above.