Windows Sidebar Icon Windows Sidebar Gadgets

Windows Sidebar is the gadget platform in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It allows you to install small, specialized mini-apps that are always on your desktop. If you use Mac OS, check out my Dashboard Widgets, too.

  • TopProcess Icon TopProcess

    This simple Sidebar gadget shows the top processes on your system - the processes that are consuming the most CPU, Memory (Working Set), or IO (Bytes Written/Read). By default it shows the top three processes by CPU, but it can be configured to show more or less. Available in English, Italian, Japanese, French and Russian. More info...

    Topprocess2 Install TopProcess Code at GitHub
  • Xbox Live Gamercard Xbox Live Gamercard

    This very simple Sidebar gadget just shows an Xbox Live Gamercard. When docked, it scales to fit in the sidebar, and when undocked, it's full size (except in Windows 7, where docking doesn't make sense). More info...

    Install Xbox Live Gamercard Code at GitHub
  • Challenges Challenges

    This gadget keeps you up to date on your Challenges. 360Voice challenges let you compete with your friends to see how many Xbox 360 achievement points you can gain in a set period of time. The sidebar gadget shows the current standings, the time left, and the amount of gamerscore that has been earned during the day that hasn't been tallied into the standings yet. Also, when the challenge is over, it displays the results until your next challenge starts. 360 voice challenge

    Install Challenges Code at GitHub